Key Features




Ubiquitium is a future-ready, decentralized blockchain leveraging a high throughput rate of 4,000 blocks per day and low transaction fees.

Ubiquitium is an open network for building digital assets, business applications, and data economies.

Ubiquitium is a highly tested PoW consensus mechanism with increased security and anti-entrance attack protection.

Key Information

The Ubiquitium Blockchain is an open-source software project, and the source code is available on Github. Community support for this project is available on BitcoinTalk and the Ubiquitium Discord Channel.  We are currently on two trading platforms: Safecrex and Autradex.

Block times are fast at 20 seconds, with a difficulty correction after ten blocks.  Mining rewards start at 100 per block and 100% POW.  We designed it to half after block 3,153,600, or roughly every two years, with a total coin supply of 630,720,000.  This coin is a fork of Litecoin 0.18.1 (the current version) with SegWit active, launched in January 2021.

The Ubiquitium Blockchain uses a system referred to as Proof-of-Work to create a distributed consensus. Litecoin was the first blockchain to use Scrypt as an alternative to SHA-256. The current version of Litecoin 0.18.1 includes many advancements incorporated into the Ubiquitium Blockchain, such as BIP consensus.  SegWit implementation also provides for low transaction fees without reducing protection.

We have tried to improve the blockchain’s functionality, reducing the estimated block times while maintaining a multi-year halving cycle. There is no pre-mine; it’s 100% Proof-of-Work with a daily mining rate of four thousand blocks, 120 thousand blocks per month, and 1.5 million blocks per year.